MAY Management and MAY Resort’s

Property Management - May Resort, Saint Augustine

MAY Management Services, Inc., MAY Resort’s sister company, was formed in November 1988. Based in St. Augustine, with offices located throughout Northeast Florida, they are the premier provider of homeowner, condominium and commercial property management services in the area. MAY Management’s commitment is to insure the success of every HOA and their individual needs, to protect their property values, and to maintain a lasting partnership through solid relationships with the Boards and homeowners they serve.

MAY Management Services, Inc. will provide the following services to our clients with it’s own staff:

  • Property Management:

    The property manager makes frequent and detailed property inspection tours to evaluate maintenance performance, to review the work being done by subcontractors and to develop property improvement projects for Board approval. Management services include meeting preparation and attendance.
  • Accounting:

    MAY Management will complete and detailed monthly financial reports prepared by their staff of ten full-time employees.
  • Audit & Tax Preparation:

    MAY Management contracts with a Certified Public Accountant to perform an annual audit or review of the financial statements, if required by the Association, and to prepare all Federal and State Tax returns.
  • On-Site Maintenance Labor:

    MAY Management Services, Inc. will provide on site maintenance labor to the extent that this expense is included in the annual budget of the association. Typical duties include daily trash pickup, inspection and repair of irrigation systems, lighting inspection and replacement, recreation room cleaning including pool restrooms, daily maintenance of swimming pool, Jacuzzi and pool areas.
  • Landscape Maintenance:

    MAY Management contracts with only licensed service providers who maintain property landscaping and provide necessary chemical spraying for all turf and plants.
  • Trades:

    Subcontracted services will include heating and air condition, electrical, well pump and roofing where licenses, equipment and technical expertise are required.