6 Items not to bring on your St Augustine Beach Vacation

6 Items not to bring on your St Augustine Beach Vacation


Most beachfront rentals provide towels, so leave your towels at home. A real problem can be the beach towels – should you use bath towels and get them all sandy?  Check with your May Resort Beach Rental staff and see if your condo comes with a beach towel.

Valuables and Irreplaceable Jewelry

Don’t risk the opportunity for the loss of your most treasured possessions. Leave anything of monetary value or sentimental importance at home, even if there is a safe provided.

Not only could you lose your rings on the beach, but you could also make yourself a potential target to thieves. 

Entire Set of Keys

Only bring keys that you need, instead of bringing all your keys with you on your St. Augustine beach vacation.  Take an Uber or a cab to the airport and leave your car keys at home if you fly.  The important keys you do bring, secure them so that you are not locked out once you arrive home.


Most peopleknow not to bring weapons on vacation, but sometimes we forget what counts as a weapon while flying.  If you keep a Swiss army knife, make sure it is stowed in your checked luggage and not in your carry on when you go through security.


Liquids sometimes can cause issues and messes while traveling.  Not only can they explode all over your clothing, they can delay you at the airport.  Save yourself the hassle by leaving the liquids at home and purchasing whatever you need upon arrival.  Ziploc bags can save your belongings, if you must bring specific liquids with you.

Uncomfortable Shoes

While on your ocean view St. Augustine beach vacation, walking around and soaking up the culture., don’t ruin your day by wearing uncomfortable shoes.  There are tons of tours in St. Augustine, be prepared with comfortable walking shoes. Bring your comfiest and if you must buy new shoes, save yourself some agony and break them in before you travel. 

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