7 Items to remember on your St. Augustine Beach Vacation

7 Items to remember on your St. Augustine Beach Vacation

It is once again that time of year to pack the kids into the car and head to St. Augustine beach. We have listed a few items to put on your list to remember while packing this year.

1. Plenty of Water

Most people know that doctors recommend we should drink eight glasses of water per day, but when you are out in the sun that number increases.  We have found that bringing a gallon of water and a few bottles of water makes it easier to keep hydrated.  Keep a bottle of water refilled in the cooler and you will have cool refreshing water for the family all day without taking up a ton of space in your cooler.

2. Waterproof Sunscreen

There is nothing worse than a bad sunburn to ruin a good time on your St Augustine beach front vacation. Kids running and playing in the water and sweat can wash off sunscreen meant to protect their skin from the harsh sun.  Keep a bottle of waterproof sunscreen in a zip lock bagging in your cooler.  This will not only keep it cool and refreshing to apply, but it will also keep your drinks free of lotion residue.

3. That brings us to Ziplock Baggies

Ziplock baggies are perfect for keeping all kinds of items safe.  Place your cell phone, keys, glasses, snacks, and anything else you need to protect from the sand and water in these baggies for their protection.

4. Shell Bags:

Kids love collecting shells.  Purchase some inexpensive mesh bags for each person to keep their treasures in.

5. A fever reducer and aloe:

Should you happen to get a sunburn or a headache, keep a pain reducer on hand.  Aloe in the refrigerator and Tylenol in a ziplock baggie at the beach are perfect for helping make you a little more comfortable.

6. Flip Flops

This one is a must!  The sand can get extremely hot during the day and no one wants sand in their shoes.  Bring a pair of flip flops for each person to put on while transitioning from the beach to your St Augustine condo rental.

7. Umbrella

Umbrellas are an essential for any trip to the beach.  The sun can be unbearable for extended periods of time.  Bring a beach umbrella and a blanket and you will be able to provide a shaded resting spot for the entire family.

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