Five things to do with your kids on your St. Augustine Beach Vacation.

Five things to do with your kids on your St. Augustine Beach Vacation.

  1.  The Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse
    Dating from the 1700s, the schoolhouse was built over 200 years ago, while Florida was under the rule of Imperial Spain.  The school was constructed of red cedar and cypress and put together with wooden pegs.

    Visitors to the Old School can experience school life as it was for those in 1864, view antiques and historical artifacts, as well as explore the colonial kitchen, drinking well and the “privy”.

  2. Potter's Wax Museum
    Potter's Wax Museum is a fun and educational family attraction. The museum has been called St. Augustine's #1 Attraction Value, as advertised on their site. Located at 31 Orange Street, St Augustine, Florida, the Potter's Wax Museum houses more than 160 wax sculptures of famous people, both fictional and real, including political leaders, entertainers, horror characters, historical figures, and sports stars.

    The first wax museum in the USA, it was founded in 1948 by George L. Potter.

  3.  St. Augustine Alligator Farm
    Florida has its share of alligators where the alligator farm zoological park first opened in 1893.  Let the adventure begin as you venture into the exotic realm of awe-inspiring crocodilians, breath-taking birds, and playful primates at The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park.

    View 23 different species of crocodilians, as well as a wide variety of other reptiles, mammals, and birds while on your St Augustine beach vacation.

  4. St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum
    While staying at your St Augustine beach front condo, travel back in time over 300 years to Port Royal, Jamaica, at the height of the Golden Age of Piracy, with period artifacts displayed in 48 areas.

    St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum is advertised as the biggest and most authentic collection of pirate artifacts in the world.  While you are there you can enjoy exhibits like:  Thomas Tew's actual treasure chest, Blackbeard's blunderbuss, and pieces of gold from his warship the Queen Anne's Revenge.

  5. Old Florida Museum
    Explore the Spanish history of St. Augustine, Florida and visit, Fort Menendez at Old Florida Museum.  The museum offers public tours of the fort and the Timucuan village of Seloy that explain the history of early Spanish St. Augustine. If your children are more hands-on they will enjoy their educational led by trained guides in period costumes.

    The museum is closed on certain days during the school year, please check their site to confirm the museum is open to the public before going.

Various programs offered are: the Tinucua Indian Program, the Spanish Colonial/Fort Mose Program, the Ships and Sailors Program, and more.   Before you head back to your St Augustine ocean view condo, enjoy a picnic and visit their General Store.

There are so many things to experience in the beautiful and historic city of St Augustine, Florida with your family.  While planning your stay with May Realty and Resort Condos, make sure you look at all our city has to offer.  The beautiful ocean view condos will provide the perfect scenery and the city’s old-world charm will make this as memorable beach vacation for people of every age.

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